Aretha Franklin taught me everything I know about copywriting

Not really. Never met the woman. Still, two valuable lessons from the Queen of Soul stick with me:


  • Always treat audiences with respect.
  • Give people something they can feel.


Copywriting is like a gorgeous date who's all about you from appetizers through dessert. A favorite uncle's resassuring hug on your worst day ever. Swapping stories with your best friend on a long road trip.


In other words, copywriting isn't about selling. It's about storytelling. 


I'm Mike, BTW. Copywriter. Brand journalist. Storyteller. My job is to come up with engaging, persuasive words to tell your story and breathe life into your brand.


The right words won't just bag the sale. They'll move and inspire. Create customers who go to the wall for you. You know, those true believers every business is after.


There's a winning story in every business. Let me help you tell yours.

Ready to create believers in your brand?

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